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All aspect of the Negroni experience at barmini make this a Negroni World Pilgrimage Site!

All aspects of the Negroni experience at Barmini make this a must visit Negroni World Pilgrimage Site!

Befuddlement factor: 0
Presentation: 8
Drink: 9
Price: $14.00

Whether you are reading this review in Ghent or Pine Bluff, grab your passport and head out to Barmini by Jose Andres; as this is a Negroni experience you are not going to want to miss!

This cozy spot is small, contemporary in a very comfortable way; and loads of fun. You’ll get great service; including a small “welcome cocktail”.

Sit at the bar to watch the full show.  The mixology is serious; with the bartender spending a solid five minutes mixing, dropping samples on the back of his hand from a silver pipette to test; and when perfection is achieved; going through the whole process again, stirring to get just the right temperature.  I have yet to see this degree of care given in any other bar; and the result follows the effort.

I ordered the featured Mescal Negroni, which is composed of mescal, cunard, aperol and yzaguirre vermouth.  The bartender gave me a sample of the vermouth; which I highly recommend.  The Mescal Negroni itself is quite interesting with a smokey deep flavor which is worth trying, although I admit I prefer the classic on an on-going basis.

This is a spot worth going out of your way to experience; but make reservations; it is small and popular.